Tie me up

I am all about head scarfs at the moment… Admittedly, I use the term “all about” quite loosely considering I have never actually tried to wear one but it’s definitely high up on my

to-do list.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been feeling so blah about my hair lately. I kind of envisioned long, perfectly wavy, sun kissed blonde hair at this stage… um, no. Try listless, straggely, bone dry at the ends but always greasy at the roots kind of hair that somehow ALWAYS finds its way into my flippin’ armpit!! No one told me having long hair meant having to rescue it from my armpit countless times a day!! Who does this! What am I doing wrong? And then I spend an absurd amount of time washing it and product-ing it up and blowdrying it and straightening it and product-ing it up some more only to realize that having my locks cascading around my face and down my back means untangling babies hands from it every five minutes, and then trying to wet wipe baby puke out of it because I forgot to Victoria-secret-toss (as if there’s any other way to do it!) it to the other shoulder before burping said baby. 

right on the money! someone’s been having lessons 😉 wink, wink

And if that wasn’t bad enough, I swear having a baby literally sucks the life out of your hair!! Every time I have a baby (all 2 of them!) I suddenly grow side fringes!!! For anyone who doesn’t know what side fringes are, they are the pieces of hair on either side of your forehead breaking fringe-level and you will never have a sleek ponytail (or any up-do!) again because they also defy all hairspray and an hour out the door you will find yourself swatting your side fringe out of your eyes and desperately pleading with it to stay in place! And it never does! The more product you use to make it stay the bigger the disaster because when it’s too product-ed up it doesn’t fall on your face… Oh no, It just kind of hangs there in the middle of nowhere and you have no clue it’s even there until you’ve bumped into every single person you know, especially the important people that you’re desperate to make a good impression on, and you happen to catch your reflection and that’s when you half cry, half moan your silent “please God, let that have only JUST fallen out tell me I haven’t been walking around all day like this”… Meanwhile you know it’s been there the whole time. Oblivion really is bliss. 
So that is how I found myself searching google for long-bob-ombré-hairstyles and drooling over all the beautiful hairstyles and somehow kidding myself into believing that a hair cut will solve all my problems and I will miss-congeniality walk out of that salon looking like a brand new hundred buck note. The sad reality is that my hair will still be my hair and I will still be doing the whole routine every day except now it will be a bit shorter. Enter… Head scarves! 


and head scarves.

In Africa, something the local domestic help wears to look the part… In the rest of the world.. Fashion accessory. I admit, I’m a bit late to this boat but better late than never I always say. Well, I always say that when its me that’s late… Anyone else.. DONT BLOODY BOTHER SHOWING UP NOW! 
So I turned to my trusty Pinterest for some guidance and this is what I found… Looks like some shopping is in order! Aaaahhh, the silver lining. Everything will be alright after all. 

does it come with the sunnies by any chance? or the hair? nope.. nothing?


First look of the day… Apparently you fold the scarf into a triangle and then you place the middle of the triangle on top of your head. You then take the two corners on each side and overlap them. The fourth step is twisting them together and then you pull them back behind your head and tie them.

Apparently if you want more of a headband look you can just skip the second step.

Easy peazy pumpkin squeezy then!
And my second look I am all over seems to speak for itself. 
Happy head-scarf-ing days ahead!